(Non Pareil size 23/25 Almonds)



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  • The above chart is provided to demonstrate current and historical almond prices.  Prices can go up and down. Past prices are not necessarily indicative of future prices.
  • It is based on the price secured for Non Pareil (NP) size 23/25 almonds.  Orchards managed by AIL comprise different types of almond varieties which pollinate each other. Different varieties command different prices. 
  • Price data source: 1993/94 to 2004/05: Carroll Partners Pty Ltd, May 05 onwards: Almondco Australia Limited.
  • Exchange Rates: Prices from 1993/94 to 2004/05 are based on the average daily US$:A$ exchange rate (annualised). Prices from May 05 onwards are based on the average monthly exchange rate.
  • Exchange rate data source: Oanda Corporation.    
  • The trend line shown is linear in nature



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